Court Indicts LMA Prexy, 7 Others For U$89.9k, L$98k

The reinstated President of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), Alice G. Yeebahn, who was suspended by VP Jewel Howard Taylor early last year has been indicted along with seven others for allegedly swindling U$89,938.27 and L$ 98,392.37 of government revenue.
Alice Yeebahn, Z. Faustina Risks, Lusu Sloan, Jones P. Y. Gibson, James K. Gbelee, Foday Kamara, Socrates Jlah, and Jerry V. Geeded have been indicted by the Grand Jurors of Criminal Court “A” on charges of economic sabotage, theft of property, and criminal conspiracy.The indictment pointed out that during the period January 2016, 2017 up to and including 2018, teams of auditors were mandated and commissioned by Yusador S. Gaye, Auditor General of Liberia to conduct comprehensive audit of the LMA in accordance with Section 2.1.3 of the General Auditing Commission Act of 2014.
The indictment indicted that thereafter the teams proceeded with the audit and began to unearth a scheme designed and developed by personnel of the LMA; defendants Alice Yeebahn along with the seven persons to sabotage and defraud the government out of the revenue generated.
The indictment further stated that during the period of January 2016 up to 2017, the said defendants Jerry Geeded, Deputy Manager of Administration (DMA), Jones Gibson, General Manager; Foday Kamara, Comptroller; Lusu Sloan, president –NEC and Z. Faustina Risks, CEO/General Manager, while serving within the employ of the government and assigned at the LMA respectively.
The took payment for various transaction amounting to the above mentioned cash, without documentations such as payment vouchers, cash invoices and other financial records to substantiate the validity of these transactions.
The said defendants in the course of committing a theft, wilfully and internationally, conspired, colluded and with deception placed the government of Liberia under the pretext that U$89,938.27 plus L$98,392,742.37 was deposited into its accounts as revenue generation, but on the contrary the defendants defrauded the government out of said amount.
It can be recalled that the Supreme Court of Liberia affirmed the ruling of the Civil Law Court “B” ordering the reinstatement of the officials of the LMA who were removed by Vice President Jewel Taylor early last year.
Justice Yussif D. Kaba stated in his opinion that the trial court committed no error when it denied VP Taylor motion to dismissed the LMA officials on grounds that the suspended officials had both legal standing and legal capacity to bring this action against the appellants.
He said in view of the foregoing the ruling of the trial court ordering the reinstatement of the appellees with immediately effect was hereby affirmed.
“The clerk of this court is ordered to send a mandate to the court below to process in accordance with this judgment and withcosts disallowed.
Immediately after the Civil Law court had read the mandate of the High Court, Yeabahn and others were indicted on corruption charges.

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