VP Taylor Nudges Schools

-To Re-install Discipline In Educational System
Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has admonished school administrators across the country to re-install discipline in the educational system, as it will serve as a better beginning for students.
“I want to reawaken the minds of school administrators and staffers that we should go back to the old ways in order to re-install disciple, integrity, hard work and fair competition among our young generation” VP Taylor asserted.She emphasized that children spend more time on campus than at home, noting that whatever discipline they will acquire at school is what they will exhibit out there, adding that, “if they are taught how to be corrupt, they will carry corruption in the public spaces, but if they are given the right discipline it will help them avoid unusual things
VP Taylor was speaking on Friday when she served as keynote speaker at the Dolokelen Gboveh Multilateral High School graduation ceremony in Bong County were she reminded the students that “these were the pillars of my generation and if this issue can’t be solved, we are heading for nowhere.

She, however, called on the students to ensure that they begin to learn and identify the right examples of life and be the stepping stone for others who are following.

She added that they should remain committed to values that will enhance each of them, admonishing them to prepare as they are ones who will inherit the new Liberia, but must realize that comes with hard work.

“There is nothing more important than education, if you want your life to be exceptional; you should know that education sets you above the rest and allows you to see your next goal,” she told the students.

She commended the administrative staffs for the level of education given the students and provided a surprise package to the two verditarian of the graduating class as way of motivating them to continue their education so-journ.

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