CDC Youth League Condemns Violence In South Africa

Officials of the National Youth League of CDC

-Declares Two Days Of Mourning
The Revolutionary National Youth League of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) has issued a very strong statement in Monrovia condemning recent acts of violence against fellow Africans in South Africa; the Youths in the statement described the acts as barbarism and inhumane treatment. The Youth League has called on the Government and People of South Africa to immediately arrest the act of bloodthirstiness being perpetrated against fellow Africans and bring to book those involved in accordance with the rule of law, adding that the Youth League believes that the ruthless actions exhibited by those South Africans do not only contravene the objectives of the African Union, which binds Africans as an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, geared towards achieving greater unity and solidarity between African countries and the peoples of Africa; promote and protect human and peoples’ rights in accordance with the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and other relevant human rights instruments but also symbolizes the rebirth of western infiltration, something that should find no space anywhere in Africa, the statement said.
According to the CDC Youth League, it stands in solidarity with all Africans who have been victimized by this act of viciousness attributed to some South Africans. “We wonder whether our fellow South Africans have forgotten so soon their dark days of apartheid when the whole of Africa including Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria and Liberia stood by them in their quest for liberation with Liberia awarding Passport to Nelson Mandela to facilitate his movements around Africa and abroad.”
The young cdecians said, they refuse to believe that the dream of one and united Africa that Nelson Mandela envisaged was crumbling right in his birthplace. “We refuse to also believe that the South Africa we saw as the supreme symbol of black consciousness and unity will turn against its own black brothers and sisters. We are aware of the growing misconception that is been harbored by a group of South Africans as a fear of foreign nationals “taking over their jobs”, an assertion that even defeat their existence as human thereby exposing their perceived inability to make live for themselves. We refuse to accept that an estimated 3.6 million migrants of South Africa’s total population of approximately 58 million are responsible for the over 16 million unemployed people in South Africa.”
The statement called on the international community and organizations most especially, the African Union to act immediately and ensure that those South Africans who are perpetrators of the numerous killing, torturing and threat on the lives of other Africans residing in South Africa are held accountable for their actions.
“These callous actions on the part of those South Africans against their fellow Africans have the proclivity to undermine the peaceful coexistence of Africans and butcher in broad daylight the dream of a one Africa.” “Consequently, we hold strongly that the ongoing Xenophobic and afro phobic acts should not find a place in our society as we all continue to live as Africans with one vision of uniting us as brothers and sisters; binding us as a symbol of united Africa with one goal and one destiny.”
While the young Cdcians strongly condemn what they described as the anti-African, inhumane and barbaric actions of those “coldhearted South Africans,” the young partisans extend deepest condolences to the people of Nigeria and other African nationals who were affected in the aftermath of the violence act, as family members mourn the untimely passing of “our fellow Africans and stand in solidarity with their families and countries as they go through this time of bereavement”.
The Revolutionary National Youth League calls on all Africans including Nigerians and Zambians to reframe from attacking innocent South Africans as such will not heal the wounds being created by those heartless South African practicing xenophobic acts but further undermine the struggle to unite Africa.
Meanwhile, the young Liberian politicians have recommended to Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa to declare a day of mourning in South Africa for the African compatriots who were brutally murdered in relation to Xenophobia and ensure that the South African Flag is flown half way on said day.
In furtherance, the Revolutionary National Youth League of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change called on all of its members to wear black for two days beginning Saturday, September 7, 2019 in remembrance of those fallen Africans brothers and sisters in South Africa as a result of xenophobia. The statement was signed by Hassan Newland, Deputy Secretary General for administration of the CDC Youths.

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