Our Urge To Economic Recovery!

WE HAVE NO IOTA of doubt that Liberia is on its way to genuine economic recovery following the successful end of a three day National Economic Dialogue in Monrovia.
THE DIALOGUE PROVIDED an initial opportunity and roadmap for the Liberian Government to take concrete steps aimed at addressing the economic crisis.
IT IS AN OVER STATEMENT to mention that the state of the Liberian economic has reached a crisis point which the prompted President George Manneh Weah to called for immediate dialogue aimed at finding solution to the economic woes.WE ARE IMPRESSED BY the caliber of Liberian and foreign panelists, and the depth and range of their experience and knowledge they brought to the dialogue in searching for lasting solutions to Liberian’s economic problems
THE DIALOGUE WAS HELD under the theme: “National Economic Revival and Growth: Critical Issues, Challenges, And A Way Forward.”
“GIVEN OUR DEEP CONCERN for the current state of the Liberian economy, and our appreciation of the urgent need to take corrective action in the short, medium and long terms, we established an Independent National Dialogue Secretariat. We gave them the mandate to create this consultative forum, where the best and the brightest minds, both Liberian and International, can be made to focus on analysis and diagnosis of our economic problems, and development prescriptions, policies, programs that should take our economy forward and upward to growth and prosperity for all,” said Pres. Weah.
ACCORDING TO PRESIDENT, ALTHOUGH he is not an economist, and will never pretend to be one, he has the mantle of leadership that has been placed upon him, giving him direct responsibility to find solutions to repair the broken Liberian economy, and make life better for the people.
FROM THIS ASSERTION, we have no reason to doubt the sincerity of the Liberian leader to demonstrate political will to implement all the recommendations from the Dialogue.
OUR URGE TO YOU, Mr. President is to beware of those who will ill advise you against the full implementation of the recommendation.
IN THE LAST 18 MONTHS, you were advised by some self proclaimed “economist experts” and the testimony is before you to determine whether the advice you got from them changed things or not.
WE URGE YOU TO LISTEN to other Liberians and break the concrete wall they have built around you which makes it difficult for other good people to reach you

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