LPP Political Leader Urges Liberians

-To Be Patriotic
The opposition Liberians for Prosperity Party (LPP) political leader Richard Says Miller has admonished Liberians to be patriotic in whatever they do in order to positively impact the growth and development of the country.
“I am begging all of you to be patriotic and put the country’s interest at heart. Because if you don’t do it, the situation is not getting better” Miller pleaded.Speaking to reporters over the weekend in Monrovia, Miller asserted that the government under the leadership of President George Weah inherited a difficult economy from the past government.
However, the opposition political party leader stressed the need for the government to implement policies that will ensure suitable deliverables that will impact the lives of the people.

Miller called on the government to cut down on spending in their daily activities by reducing the salaries for top earners and increase the salaries for low income earners.

Such recommendation is already being implemented through the harmonization process which is headed by the Executive Director of the Liberia Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Capacity Building Project (LIMPAC) at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Del Francis Wreh.
Meanwhile, Miller blasted the political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress Alexander Benedict Cummings for encouraging investors to drawdown their investment in the country for political reason.
Miller accused Cummings of being desperate for the presidency of Liberia, claiming that Cummings is willing to do everything possible in his might to favor him politically.
“I give you a typical example for Coca Cola. They announced in July that they will be drawing down their investment in Liberia. Alexander Cummings is the former Executive Vice President who still has a lot of influence at the company but has decided not to intervene because of his political position” he noted.
Miller said the timing for Coca Cola drawl down is untimely, stating “You think if I was a former Executive Director of such company I would allow such thing to happen? Even if I am no longer there I will use my influence especially in a country where I was born, I would say no, this is not the time our people are suffering they need job”.
Miller used the occasion to register his support for the establishment of the War Crime and Economic Courts, claiming that if he was successful to ascend the presidency that would have been his first initiative.
He further commented on the printing of new bank notes stating that it is untimely.
Miller also called on the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) to exert more effort in the tourism sector in order to attract tourists from around the world.
He stressed the need for the website of MICAT to be effectively restore to enhance the process.

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