PPCC Boss Underscores Training To Improve Compliance With Procurement Procedures

The Executive Director of the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission (PPCC), Jarbe Roseline Nagbe-Kowo has highlighted training as a means of fostering high level compliance of procurement entities as well as concession granting groups to the procurement and concession procedures.Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Liberia News Agency at her office in Monrovia, Nagbe-Kowo said the PPCC has the statutory mandate to ensure that procuring entities and concession granting institutions follow the applicable procurement procedures and concession laws of Liberia.
She noted that the PPCC is trying to institute programs that will convey the importance of compliance in the activities of procurement and concession.
“I am talking about the procuring and concession granting entities to ensure that they follow the proper procedures in line with the laws to enhance value for money in order to boost the economy of the state,” Nagbe-Kowo emphasized.
She indicated that the PPCC is greatly interested in competitive bidding in the sector aimed at deriving as many options as is possible to ensure that quality service delivery is the order of the day.
She disclosed that the relationship between the PPCC and the procurement and concession granting entities is progressing but stressed that there are challenges that need to be addressed to maximize compliance in the sector.
Nagbe-Kowo said it is important for procurement and concession actors to understand the importance of varieties of issues with regard to procurement, ranging from submission of report on time, formulation and execution of procurement plans on a timely basis, amongst other issues.

According to the PPCC top official, procurement practitioners in both procurement and concession granting institutions need to know the importance of being in compliance with the laws and procedures in procurement.

“This is why we are highlighting regular compliance training. We had one in May and we will be doing more to make sure that all of the actors get the basic information and importance of compliance,” she maintained.

The PPCC boss revealed that the last procurement compliance assessment that was done in 2006 did not show an impressive rating due to the fact that the Act creating the commission was new and had only come into being in 2005 and was amended in 2010.

She stressed that the law came into force one year earlier which caused the assessment rating to be unimpressive due to the fact that many procurement actors never had a clear understanding of the procedures.

Nagbe-Kowo said it is impossible to determine the actual level of compliance currently because a new assessment has not been done, stressing tha “At the PPCC we don’t have the statistics that will say this entity is not in compliance for a particular year.”

“We are not just going to look at submission of procurement plans, but we will go further to validate whether they actually went by the rules during the entire fiscal year,” Nagbe-Kowo pointed out.

The PPCC Executive Director intimated that her institution is ensuring robust monitoring to enable it track the compliance level of procurement actors in the sector.

“On major vision of this administration is to make sure we monitor the compliance level of those entities not just to sit in at the PPCC but by doing visitation and tracking of all the activities of our procuring and concession granting entities,” she told LINA.

Meanwhile, the PPCC boss hinted LINA that the entity is trying to do proposals aimed at soliciting funding in order to revamp the monitoring arm of the institution.

She added that the institution will only be able to enforce compliance of procurement and concession granting entities if the monitoring arm is effective.

“We are trying to see how we can sort out funding and support from the Government of Liberia and national and international donors to see how we can execute this particular exercise. Because we believe that if we do this it will actually progress the rate of compliance for entities which will subsequently put Liberia in a proper compliance perspective,” she said.

Nagbe-Kowo extolled the World Bank Group (WBG), African Development Bank (AfDB), United Nations Development Program (UNDP)and other collaborating partners of the PPCC for their numerous support provided the entity.

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