PPCC Boss Welcomes Competitive Bidding To Ensure ‘Value For Money’

The Executive Director of the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission (PPCC), Jarbe Roseline Nagbe-Kowo, has welcomed the idea of competitive bidding for government contracts to ensure that “value for money” is achieve during a procurement process.
“We want procuring and concession granting entities to show competition in the procurement of good works and services, we believe that at this stage in Liberia what is very important is that procurement entities procure competitively so that we can be able to generate the best option for development,” Nagbe-Kowo said.Speaking to the Liberia News Agency over the weekend at her PPCC office in Monrovia, Nagbe-Kowo indicated that the institution is seeking durability and sustainability in projects to ensure quality service delivery.
“We are looking at quality in the drive for development. In order to develop our country we have to open the bidding process of projects to allow other entities bring more options on board for selection,” the PPCC top official noted.

According to Nagbe-Kowo, officials at the PPCC are interested in competition,noting:”We want procuring and concession granting entities to compete in the procurement of their goods and services.”

She cited that the PPCC is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that procurement and concession granting entities comply with the laws of procurement to help resuscitate the economy.

Nagbe-Kowo stressed that the PPCC was created to guide procurement entities and also serve as watchdogs with regards to compliance to procurement procedures.

The integrity institution boss called on procurement practitioners across the country to adhere to the rules and regulations within the procurement sector.

“It is not just about the PPCC doing it, entities should know that they too have the responsibility by law to comply with the regulations and we have the responsibility to ensure that they comply,” she emphasized.

The PPCC was established by an Act of the National Legislature in 2005 to ensure competition, efficiency and transparency in procurement processes in Liberia.

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