Agriculture-Cassava Farmers-CARI

As part of efforts to boost Liberia’s agriculture sector and add value to the cassava crop, the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI) in Suacoco District, Bong County is collaborating with cassava farmers to help increase productivity and add more value to the tuber.Making the disclosure recently in Suacoco District, the Head of Post Harvest at CARI, Madam Bendu Kromah, said the greatest concern of cassava growers in Bong County and other parts of the Country has been how they will process the commodity to add value.

According to Madam Kromah, cassava farmers outside Bong County through collaboration with CARI will be reached and trained in how to process their cassava into finished product, while those that want to add value to their cassava will transport it to the entity following a roundtable collaborative agreement.

The agreement, according to her, is meant to put into place mechanisms that will lead to their cassava processing, with the CARI Senior Staff promising to do business with cassava growers void of money from across Bong and adjacent counties.

Madam Kromah described the opportunity as “an open door” for all cassava farmers across the country, adding, “Cassava farmers should now begin collaborating with CARI in order to yield more productivity and boom the cassava sector by adding more value to the commodity.”

Meanwhile, the CARI Head of Post Harvest has lauded the ruling Congress for Democratic Change and past regimes for providing an opportunity that will enable local farmers enhance their productivity through maintenance of peace and by providing a cassava processing machine which is used by farmers free of charge, and encouraged cassava growers to take advantage of the opportunity.

Madam Kromah disclosed that currently there is a full value chain processing plan by CARI for cassava, ranging from ‘Garie’ or farina to ‘Supergarie’, cassava flour, starch and cocoa powder, among others, that farmers should take advantage of.

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