Court Slaps Lawmaker Kolubah’s Lawyers With US$50 FinePayable In 72 Hours

The Criminal Court “A” on Monday fined lawyers representing Montserrado County District #10 lawmaker, Yekeh Kolubah, US$50.00 to be paid within three days into the judiciary account, for failure to inform the four co-defendants about the hearing of their case today.One of the lawyers representing defendant Kolubah in an ongoing trial, Cllr Findley Karngar, pleaded with the court Monday that the lawyer who is responsible to communicate with the defendants to appear in court was totally engaged with the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) community dialogue and as such was unable to inform the four co-defendants accept defendant Kolubah to be present in court.
Cllr Karngar pleaded with the court for mercy, stating that the court should grant them a continuance to inform the defendants as soon as possible.
But prosecution lawyers in person of Montserrado County Attorney, Edwin Martin, in his resistance, prayed the court to dismiss and deny said the defence lawyer’s submission, indicating that on September 25, 2019 a notice of assignment was prayed for by the state and said it was granted and the notice of assignment was served the defense lawyers to be present in court on Monday, September 30..
Cllr. Martin further said the action of the defense lawyers is to delay the trial so as such the court should deny the request and proceed with the case.
But Presiding Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie denied said request from defense lawyers on grounds that the failed to inform the defendants on time o be present in court for the hearing, as such defense lawyers request has no basis in law.
Kolubah and the five co-defendants were on June 18, 2019 indicted by the grand Jurors on charges of aggravated assault, criminal attempt to commit murder, kidnapping, criminal facilitation, and criminal solicitation.
The defendants were indicted for allegedly flogging and torturing of a resident of District $10, Emmanuel Freeman.
Defendants are Yekeh Kolubah, Oliver Konneh, Abu K. Mohammed, Johnson Kpor and Mohammed A. Kaba, were indicted, but only Kolubah was presented before court, while the other four were not present on Monday.

Meanwhile, lawyers representing the defendants were fined US$50 to be paid within three days.

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