Man, 20, Gets 15 years For Murdering Friend

The Criminal Court “A” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia on Monday sentenced defendant Daddy boy Toe to 15 years imprisonment for stabbing to death Ezekiel Gartolo in the Chicken Soup Factory community.
Defendant Toe in February 2018 was arrested by the police following a complaint filed by the deceased family indicating that their son was allegedly stabbed twice in his chest by the defendant after having an argument.The defendant was investigated, charged and forwarded to the Monrovia City Court, upon which he was arraigned to answer to the charges levied against him, and he was later sent to jail.
Defendant Toe was indicted on March 28, 2019 for the crime of murder.
According to the indictment of March 12, 2019 in the area of Chicken Soup Factory, the defendant with the intent purposely, knowingly and intentionally caused the death of the Ezekiel by stabbing him twice in his chest and at the back of his head.
The indictment further said police investigation revealed that at the time the confusion between the defendant and the deceased was ongoing, and the accused pulled out a yellow scissor and stabbed the deceased multiple times..
During the reading of the indictment the defendant pleaded guilty and begged for mercy.
Handing down final ruling Monday, Presiding Judge Roosevelt Willie said the court ordered the Ministry of Justice probation team to conduct an investigation in the community as to the behavior of the defendant prior to the incident, and it found that the defendant does not have any criminal record and had good behavior in said community up to the time of the mishap.
Prosecutions lawyers have proven their case beyond all reasonable doubt, with all evidences adduced during the trial, the judge observed.
He further stated that murder is the first degree felony, and anyone who commits a crime must face the full weight of the law, even though the defendant pleaded with the court for mercy and pleaded guilty during the reading of the indictment,
While it is true that said defendant has no criminal record in his community, the judge said, taking into consideration the plea bargaining and the report the probation office of the Ministry of Justice, the court hereby sentences defendant Daddy boy Toe to 15 years imprisonment with the provision of opportunity for parole after 13 years of service behind bars.
Meanwhile, the Clerk of Court was ordered to communicate with the Monrovia Central Prison on the mandate of the court effectively immediately.

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