-Say They Were Not Wounded For Flogged By Police Officers As Been Alleged
Several Private Schools in Monrovia express disappointment in MCSS Students; call on them to refrain from instigating unnecessary violence;
The over four private schools in Monrovia recently attacked by students of the Monrovia Consolidated School System have expressed dismay over the action of their colleagues.
The institutions included Adventist and Saint Simeon High Schools on Camp Johnson Road as well as Nathan M.Nixon School on Capital Bye-pass.
Administrators and Students of those institutions who spoke to Journalists Thursday in Monrovia said the action by MCSS students to attack their institutions that  had no link to a protest was wrong, unlawful and totally out of order .
According to them ,  students have the right to peacefully assemble to engage their leaders , however , setting up road blocks which impeded the free movement of citizens and disrupting normal academic activities on private school campuses was a form a gansterism.
They noted thatthe action by those private school students should be  condemned by every Liberian regardless of political , tribal or religious affiliations .
“ Our students were in class learning . Unfortunately for us , we witnessed the throwing of stones into our school edifice by MCSS Students . It was seriously chaotic which led to the injuring of several of our students and the destruction of our school’s properties”. The Vice Principal for Instruction of the Adventist School in Monrovia Robert S. Kilah to Journalists who had gone there to launch further investigation.
Mr. Kilah said the action by the MCSS students reminded him about the 14years of  war  era when  rebels went on school campuses to beat on innocent  students .
Mr. Kilah applauded the President of Liberia through the Minister of State Nathaniel McGill  for visiting the affected schools and call on them to investigate the masterminds behind the student’s action .
Mr.  Anthony Domah , Dean of Students of the Saint Simeon Baptist High School wants students of  the MCSS who can be seen in video footages throwing stones bedealt with in line with the Monrovia Consolidated School System policy or school handbook.
“ This will serve as a precedent for other students who might want to engage in similar act.  Students should always behave like students” Dean Domah said .
The students told newsmen that their colleagues from MCSS were disgruntle and brutal .
“While it  is true that we pity the conditions of our friends in the public schools and the constrains they gone through, we did not subject them to those  conditions and as such we can’t be victims of their actions” the students said .
The students also call on the government to address challenges faced by their colleagues in public schools most especially the recent one that has to do with the payment of salaries to their teachers .
“They deserve better education like us . we are just privilege to be where we are . When they are empower educationally , they can also contribute meaningfully to societal group”. They added .
They refute speculations in the public that they were brutalized  by officers of the Liberia National Police .
The students of the attack private institutions said , there were no police around when they were flogged  and wounded by MCSS students .
They  also noted that they were not beaten by police officers as been alleged .

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