Man, 21, Commits Suicide After Violence Against Girl In Grand Kru

A young man from Gbolowen Town in Grand Kru County has committed suicide after he was vilified by his parents and others in the community for sexually harassing a teenager repeatedly, the Liberia News Agency has gathered.
Joseph P. Nyanfore, Jr, is said to have beaten the 13-year-old girl who forbade him several times from referring to her as his “woman”.Eyewitnesses say the girl always told the man she dislikes being called anyone’s wife as she was still a child and was focusing on her education.
Her recent resistance led to a fracas despite the man’s parents’ warning that he must desist from calling the teen his woman, says LINA correspondent.
His lifeless body was discovered in the bush by folks returning home from the farm, about 45-minutes walk from Bolowen Town.
Residents say the assault by Jospeh left the girl “unconscious” for over an hour before she returned to normalcy.
Following that, Joseph was chastised by his parents for having failed to heed their advice; and he reportedly resorted to committing suicide, according to local leader Dent Harmon, who earlier informed the police detachment about the incident via text message.
Consequently, the 15-man coroner’s jury set up by local authorities for an inquest, found that there was no foul play in the 21-year-old’s death.
“When the incident occurred on October 16 in Gbolowien, the girl’s parents complained Joseph to his parents regarding his behavior toward their daughter. The child was later rescued from the hand of Joseph by some community dwellers,” narrates Dennis Nyanfore, a relative of the deceased.
Dennis quoted Joseph as responding to his parents’ reprimand by saying that: “The way y’all looking at me; I am coming to move from here so y’all will live freely – since my presence here is creating embarrassment.”
Dennis added that to the disbelief of family members and other residents, Joseph walked about 54 minutes from the town, entered the bush, and hanged himself.
Suicide is rare in Trehn Statutory District, but domestic violence which begs the question of ignorance of the law, is commonplace.

Sometime this year, a 62-year-old woman and her son were publicly humiliated and abused after they were accused of being witches by a traditionalist.

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