MSF-Liberia Slates Free Urological Surgery For Kids

International charity Doctors without Borders, which goes by the French acronym MSF, says it will conduct a free-of-charge month-long urological surgery campaign in Liberia for kids.
The surgical scheme for kids between zero to 15 years-old experiencing urinary difficulties will be done at MSF’s Bardnesville Junction Hospital in (BJH) the Gardnersville Township from November 15 to December 15, according to assistant medical coordinator, Justin Kerwillain.The kids will be screened for abnormalities (checking children who may have medical conditions with their penises that create difficulties in urination), Kerwillain told Ecowas RadioWednesday.
Urological surgeries focus on male and female urinary-track system and the male reproductive organs such as urinary bladder, adrenal glands, kidneys, prostate, and penis, among others, though the MSF staff says the medical conditions are common in boys than girls.
“Registration for patients is ongoing and it will last up to the 15th of November 2019,” said Kerwillain, adding: “And during the admission period, patients that will be admitted to the hospital will be given admission kits that will contain a bath soap, towel, and sanitary materials.”
The French charity plans to provide food for both the caretakers and patients, and encourages parents to register their children who experience urinary challenges.
Last January, MSF performed 41 paediatric plastic reconstructive surgeries in Monrovia, building on a one-year-old paediatric surgery program at BJH.
The surgeries aimed to recover the use of hands or limbs that were disabled by burns.

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