“Liberia Is Facing Challenges With Managing It’s Waste” 

-Says World Bank Country Officer
The  Country Manager World Bank Country Office in Liberia Mr.Khwima Nthara has observed that Liberia, like any other African country, is facing challenges with Managing it’s Waste.

He said the challenges will continue to grow as a result of rapid urbanization and Change in the mode of consumption.
Nthara made the statement at ceremony marking the handing over of solid waste equipment to the cities of Monrovia and paynesville held at the Monrovia city hall in 1st. Street, Tubman boulevard in sinkor Monrovia.
He said solid waste management is proven to play a critical role in public health stressing that much if the floating disasters in urban areas are caused in large measure by the significant amount of uncollected waste that blocked water ways and streams.
According to him the world Bank and it’s Liberia reconstruction trust fund partners have supported the solid waste management sector in Liberia since the emergency Monrovia urban sanitation project which closed in 2007 with over 30 millions in investment to build the fundamentals of waste management after the war.
He further that this partnership has been peesued With the chesemanburg landfills urban and sanitation project.
He indicated that this project was approved in June 2017 with a US 10.5 million grant from the Liberian reconstruction trust fund with fund from the European Union to continue to support the sector through infrastructure, equipment, capacity building and proper planning.
The world Bank executive pointed out that the objective of the CLUS project is to provide improveed access to solid waste management services in Monrovia , paynesville and surrounding township.
He noted that acheving such objective required that Monrovia and paynesville city cooperations have access to proper facilities and equipments as well as financial resources to deliver the services.
He also said waste collection in Monrovia and paynesville is challenged by the lack of sustainable financial resources to support operation and maintenance costs.
He stressed that it was therefore important that the MCC, PCC and the ministry of finance development and planning continue to think together with their technical team on ways to improve the financial sustainability of this sector.
He indicated that the CLUS project is supporting the preparation of the waste management strategy for greater Monrovia aimed addressing these challenges.

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