Liberian Envoy Urges Citizens To Rally Efforts

-To Ensure Better Livelihood
The Ambassador of Liberia accredited to France, Geraldine Bass-Golokeh has called on Liberians to consolidate their efforts aimed at bettering the living conditions of the population.“I would like to say to all Liberians that we all have to get together, work together in order to improve our country so that we all can have better lives,” the Liberian Ambassador emphasized.

Speaking in an interview one State Radio via mobile phone at the UNESCO international Conference in Paris, the Liberian envoy said the collective effort of all Liberians is needed to improve all sectors of the country which, according to her, will subsequently ensure the betterment of the livelihood of all citizens.

“So I speak to all Liberians, let’s work together so that we can be one of those advanced countries in Africa,” Madame Bass-Golokeh pleaded.

She assured that Liberia stands a good chance of benefiting from the International UNESCO conference currently being held in Paris, stressing that the country can benefit immensely from the water, peace and security projects of the organization.

“Right now as I speak to you, I am standing at the water, peace and security stance. It tells you how developing countries can profit from water,” the Liberian diplomat said.

She added: “Also, we have peace and security highlighted at the conference which underscores peace and security in a nation. It tells how citizens can remain peaceful in their country and live together peacefully,” Ambassador Bass-Golokeh maintained.

She disclosed that the conference has a lot of developmental actors, including Non-Governmental Organizations, Foundations and other international firms.

The International UNESCO Conference is the 40th General Conference of the organization, and runs from November 12-27.

The Assembly meets every two years, and is attended by Member States and Associate Members, together with observers from non-member States, intergovernmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The General Conference determines the policies and the main lines of work of the organization, its duty is to set the programs and budget of UNESCO.

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