Three Liberian Mayors Returned In the Country

-After Attending The 2019 Ambitious Annual Summit In Durban, South Africa
The President of the Mayor’s Association of Liberia Jefferson T. Koijee , the Mayor of Foya City , Lofa  County Cecelia T. Hallie and the Mayor of Zwedru City ,Grand Gedeh County Cecelia H. Jalo have returned in the country, after participating in a  three days Mayor’s conference in South-Africa.
Several Mayors from Africa, Asia, Europe and the US cities gathered from November 9th, to 11th, 2019 to participate in the  ambitious Annual Summit of the Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) which was held in Durban, South-Africa.
This year’s conference focused on the most critical challenges that humankind faces in this decade, from migration and pandemic diseases to social inequality and urban security
The Global Parliament of  Mayors believe that those critical challenges that humankind faces around the world must be solved in cities.
It  also believe that More than 50% of the world’s population lives in cities, so it is inconceivable that national and international bodies decide on policy actions without the cities and their mayors present as equal partners in shaping global policy.
This years’ GPM Summit focused on ‘Empowering Cities for the 2020s, a decade of change: shaping multi-level governance on a global scale.’ Through its work bringing Mayors’ voices to the fore.
The Global Parliament of Mayors also offers a complementary governance approach to the current nation states system.
Mayors Koijee, Hallie , and Jolo  joined forces with their colleagues around the world to formulate progressive yet achievable resolutions to  tackle  critical issues confronting cities globally .
Mayor Koijee who is an Executive member of the Global Parliament of Mayors along with his colleagues from Foya and Zwedru cities respectively expressed their  excitement about the  summit.
They said that the summit was significant  because it  provides a platform for Mayors  to deliberate on how cities can be better equipped to deal with issues of rapid urbanization, climate change and other related issues.
According to them working with other global mayors in an effort to promote efficiency in the delivery of services to citizens was rewarding.
They also noted that the Summit  was intended to ensure a clear, united message to amplify city voices in support of the 2030 Agenda for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
More than 65 mayors including the  Mayors from Beira (Mozambique), Braga (Portugal), Bristol (UK), Bulawayo (Zimbabwe), Cape Town (South Africa), Dayton (USA), Freetown (Sierra Leone), Hebron (Palestine), Kampala (Uganda), Kingston (Jamaica), Lubumbashi (Congo), Mannheim (Germany), Monrovia (Liberia), Montpellier (France), The Hague (the Netherlands) and Vyas (Nepal) participated in the Submit .
Mayor Koijee who is the chairperson on Health of the Global Parliament of  Mayors has  promised to continuously  serve as a bridge for many more opportunities that can benefit Liberia .
According to him, several Mayors from developing Countries around the world expressed optimism to work with several cities in Liberia including  Monrovia, Foyah and Zwedru.
The GPM is a unique governance body of, by, and for mayors from all continents. It functions as a parliament and brings cities to the world fore. The GPM unites, aligns, and amplifies the voices of mayors in global strategy debates with nation states and international organizations, such as the UN.

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