Minister Wilson Admonishes Youth To Engage In Productive Initiative

D. Zeogar Wilson

The Minister of Youth and Sports D. Zeogar Wilson has called on young Liberians to engage in initiatives that will prove beneficiary to the citizenry for the better good of the country.
Speaking at the book launch of a young Liberian author, speaker and entrepreneur, Alpha Breakthrough Collins (A.B.Collins) at the Royal Grand Hotel in Monrovia, Minister Wilson lamented that many of the young people in Liberia are engage with other things that are not productive to our society.

“So to see a few young folks who are doing something positive we must all continue to promote and support them for the improvement of the country” the Youth and Sports Minister noted.

He extolled the young Liberian author for his effort to impact the citizenry most especially the younger generation who according to the Minister will benefit immensely from the book.

Minister Wilson encouraged the author to remain on the good path where his good work will continue to inspire other people stating” Keep up the good work and stay focus”.

For his part, the author of the book Public Property ;A.B. Collins stated that the book teaches people how to discover and develop their potential and also how to become steadfast in the spotlight.

A.B. Collins called on Liberians to do everything possible in discovering and developing their true potential aimed at fulfilling their dreams.

He indicated that majority of the young people in Liberia have dream and passion for success but lamented that they are holding back because of their current condition and economic situation in the country.

“I once told my Mantes not to allow hardship to stop them from hatching because you will never know which one of the fruit you might hatch that will deliver you from hardship.

This is something I want the younger generation of this country to do, to never give up on their dreams. Just because help is not available at the moment doesn’t mean help is not in existence. Sometimes, you might get help in the process not at the beginning so you just have to start and go get whatever you want to get” A.B. Collins noted..

According to A.B. Collins, the book provide a solution on more than a how-to toolkits package that you should follow in order to be steadfast and successful and also how to withstand the trials and tribulations that comes one way in whatever spotlight you may find yourself.

He cited that once a person’s gift kicks into existence and becomes exposed to the public, he or she is judged by society.

“Generally, every gifted person in the world is inevitably judged or will be judged by these three “AAAs”. And they are as follows: Appetite, Ability, and Appearance.

One’s ability to master and maximize the three “AAAs principles” of his/her personality with definitely equipped them with the weaponry to withstand the winds and waves that come along with being situated in the spotlight” A.B. Collins revealed.

Also, A.B. Collins added that the topic also help the public better understand the imbroglio that surrounds being a Public Property as well as a promising figure.

A.B. Collins expressed hope that his book, ‘Public Property’ will be available in all public institutions to enable young people as well as public officials use the book as a tool for success in their day to day activities.

A.B. Collins asserted that the book is dedicated to his childhood mentor, Hon. D. Zeogar Wilson who according to him influenced his decision to be where he is and also his childhood protagonist.

A.B. Collins is an inspirational writer who has written five exceptional books which include: 365 Quotes, Suspect to Success, Pregnant for a Purpose, Faith your Future and Public Property.

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