Koijee Welcomes Political Tolerance

The Chairman of the Youth League of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Mr. Jefferson T. Koijee, has outlined the importance of political tolerance, but with caution.
Koijee, who is also the Mayor of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), pointed out that the country truly needs a democracy where people can differ on political ideologies, but that those disagreements should not serve as a cornerstone for division.

The CDC youth chair was speaking at the weekend at the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinion (CEIO) in Monrovia, where he was invited to speak on issues of critical national concern.

“We need a democracy where we can differ with ideas, yet, we can recognize that we have one people and one country,” said the mayor while lauding officials of CEIO for fostering democratic growth and political governance.

The young mayor urged the youth of the country, who constitute greater percentage of the population, to help in the promotion of the country’s peace and stability.

“Young people are the direct beneficiaries or direct victims depending on how they manage the peace of this country and so they must learn how to protect the peace of this land. You must be able to separate lies from truth. When this country prospers, you will also prosper, and when it goes down the dream, I can imagine what you will be like,” he continued.

He lauded President George Manneh Weah for exercising high degree of political tolerance for not arresting provocative talk show host Henry Pedro Costa upon his return to the country.

According to him, while the CDC-led administration is not prepared to infringe on the rights of any individual’s political opinion, Liberians must be respecter of the law and leadership.

“We are not here to shelter anyone into political history. If you want to gain political relevance at our expense, then you are a mere joker. If you think President Weah or the CDC is not governing well, you have the chance to exercise your political franchise come 2023 to remove him and not to use any means of violence as a way forward. You must be respecter of the law,” Koijee among other things added.

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