Senator Watson Cautions Liberian Against Violence

Grand Cape Mount County Senator Victor Watson has cautioned Liberians against continued violence in the country which has the propensity to derail the growth and development of the country.

Speaking at a news conference held in Monrovia on Sunday, December 29, 2019, Senator Watson said the planned December 30 protest poses serious concern to Liberia’s economy and democracy.The Senator statement comes on the heels of growing waves of violence across all quarters of the country, especially as the Council of Patriots (COP) prepares for yet again another mass based protest in the city center.

“Liberia deserves better. As leaders and former leaders, we must always serve in the best interest of our country. We have seen it in 1979 and for the past 172 years ago,” said the senator.

According to the Grand Cape Mount County lawmaker, protest has not and is never going to be the solution to the country’s problems, and therefore, people must learn how to resolve issues through dialogue.

He the called on Liberians, including organizers of the pending protest to carefully rethink their actions, in order to prevent further loss of lives and properties.

“The loss of anyone, let alone young people, is heartbreaking. We must all prevent our country from entering into civil crisis again,” warned the Senator.

“I ask members of COP to consider the people of the other 14 counties right to peace and security, security, economic development and access to social services. Protest must be done in the courts and not on the internet,” he stated.

“Our issues with the proposed protest are that it contravenes international conventions. The Council of Patriots’ proposal to remove a sitting President as a last resort through a step-down campaign to improve the economy is troubling,” noted Sen. Watson.

“We all agree that our country is challenged, but the protest will increase more traumatic incidents or solutions, including violence, homelessness, mental health and drugs and alcohol abuse,” he, among other things, added.

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