NAMSAL Reacts To Sen. Dillon

-Ask To Apologize Publicly
As the Council of Patriots has agreed with the call of the international community to Postponed the protest, but says they disagree with the proposed Sunday, January 5, 2020 date; they have therefore, suggested Monday, January 6 for the protest, the National Muslim Student Association of Liberia (NAMSAL) immediate attention is hereby drawn to a recent statement made by Sen. Abraham Darius Dillon on 30th, December 2019 during an official and live broadcast press conference.

Speaking in his capacity as Senator of Montserrado County and executive member of the Council of Patriots, (COP) and in response to a proposal from the Government of Liberia and our international partners to reschedule their so-called protest from Sunday, January 5, to Monday, January 6, 2020; Senator Dillon said, “the recommended date for their next protest falls on Sunday, a day of worship for the Christians, and will refuse to protest on that day”. He recklessly ended by saying “Liberia was founded on Christian principles.” Such public comment reveals the divisive and sectarian thought of Senator Dillon and his colleagues.
‘We are fully aware that June 7, 2019, was on a Friday, a holy day for Muslims and he protested without regard to the sanctity of that day for the Muslims” Conneh said.

According to the National Chairman of the Organization K. Ishmael V. Conneh, “the leadership of NAMSAL wishes to inform the general public that Sen. Dillon’s assertion is dismissive, exclusive, divisive, oppressive, misleading, and an unarguable revelation of his hidden position and avid support for a Christian state in Liberia”.

Speaking further, Sen. Dillon’s statement, “Liberia was founded on Christian Principle”, which sparked an unsustained debate by the Christian Restoration Movement in 2015, is one that recklessly risked the invaluable lives and properties of Liberians, under a very dangerously volatile atmosphere, heavily filled with hate and divisive actions, that almost exposed Liberians to another war – a deadly religious one too.

Free of charge, we also like to use this medium to enlighten Sen. Dillon that in wise words of Hon. Mohammed Ayoub Dukuly, “LEADERSHIP is about HARNESSING the POWER of our SPEECHES and ACTIONS, in EVERY given CIRCUMSTANCE, to ACKNOWLEDGE PEOPLE of diverse NEEDS and BACKGROUNDS and NOT DISMISS them, to INCLUDE and NOT EXCLUDE them, to UNITE and NOT DIVIDE them, to LIBERATE and NOT OPPRESS them, to EMPOWER and NOT DISFRANCHISE them, and to LEAD and NOT MISLEAD them.”

Liberia is a secular nation where people from diverse tribes and religions must live and strive. Dillon as a senator, was overwhelmingly voted by Muslims and Christians to represent and defend them. Such public comment by him is an affront to the Muslim community and well-meaning Liberians. We therefore demand senator Dillon to issue a public apology to the Liberian people, especially the Muslim community and retract his “Christian principle” statement. Liberia is all we have, and we, at NAMSAL, will not tolerate any individual(s), irrespective of position or status, to fragment our people and preach divisive politricks in order to satisfy their ego and further their selfish and sinister plans against the general good and interest of the Liberian people. Thank you and may Allah bless us all.

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