EzzatEid Group Rubbishes Malicious Facebook Post

The EzzatEid Group categorically rejects as false, untrue, and a complete imagination a Facebook post insinuating that the Chief Executive of the Conglomerate, Mr. Ezzat Eid, had hired and is sponsoring mercenaries in support of plans by the Council of Patriots to agitate against and subvert the Government of President George Weah.
In the rather reckless post of December 30, a certain Kudeh Williams alleged that Mr. EzzatEid had met with the COP’s leader, Henry Costa, in Monrovia to give the COP instructions on how to frame their grievances and conduct the protest. Such a claim is devilish and preposterous. We strongly reject and deny that Mr. Eid, who has been out of Liberia for several weeks, met with Costa and others on the Tropicana Beach in Liberia to plan details of the alleged mercenary activities against the Government. This is preposterous because Mr. Eid departed Liberia for Lebanon on December 2, 2019.
Furthermore, the EzzatEid Group rejects the outright lies that the Chief Executive Mr. Eid is supporting Costa’s alleged subversive act against the Government because he was not awarded the CTN Scan contract at the Freeport of Monrovia.
We see this diabolical Facebook post as a deliberate scheme by our detractors to stain the hard-earned reputation of the EzzatEid Group and put the jobs of over one thousand people in the employ of the company in jeopardy.
The CTN Scan contract, as alleged in the Facebook post, has never been our business interest because it does not fall within our investment domain and our entrepreneurial skillset.
We have been a genuine partner to Liberia for several years and will continue to scale up our investment activities in the scope of the laws of Liberia.
The EzzatEid Group has worked very hard to obtain an appreciable level of investments in Liberia and can never be a part of devilish activities that have the tendency to derail not only Liberia’s peace and progress, but also the gains the company has made following the Liberian civil war.
Meanwhile, we are consulting with our lawyers to explore the possibility for litigation against the poster of this grave and malicious post against us.

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