Costa’s Helper Nabbed by Immigration

The Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) has disclosed that Mr. Sylvester Tevez Nah has willingly turned himself over to the agency to aid in the investigation regarding his involvement in talk show host Henry P. Costa’s laissez-passer scam.Recently, the LIS disclosed that it has begun probing circumstances leading to how Costa acquired a forged travel document which he used to enter Liberia in December last year.
The security agency said in a statement that Costa, who arrived in Liberia using a laissez-passer, said he obtained the document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the assistance of Mr. Nah.
“He is expected to aid the team of investigators at the Liberia Immigration Service on the circumstances leading to the procurement of the Liberian Citizen Travel Certificate,” said the spokesperson of LIS at a press conference in Monrovia on Wednesday.

Costa, who is the main actor involved with the fraudulent acquisition of the Liberia travel document, absconded immigration investigation and fled to neighboring Sierra Leone on Tuesday, claiming that his life was threatened by the Government of Liberia, an allegation the government has refuted.
Costa was due to appear at the headquarters of the LIS Wednesday, January 15, along with his lawyer, Cllr. Finley Karnga, but did not honor the appointment as he had already fled the country.

However, Cllr. Kangar, who showed up later Wednesday at the headquarters of the LIS, told reporters that he was instructed by the LIS to appear at its headquarters on a daily basis until he can produce his client along with the accomplice, Mr. Sylvester Tevez Nah.

The Liberian lawyer argued that the decision by the LIS to give such instruction is sad, noting that the decision is intended to curtail his freedom.

According to Cllr. Kangar, his lawyers are currently contemplating the appropriate action to be taken against the Government of Liberia.

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