Surmounting Our Challenges with Caution!

CONCERNS HAVE BEEN MOUNTING in the public, particularly amongst ardent followers / readers of the Public Agenda Newspaper since its last appearance and subsequent protracted absence on the Newsstand.
AS ONE OF LIBERIA’S MOST critical and sovereign newspaper, The Public Agenda has never compromised or deviated from its traditional responsibility as a critical media entity.BARELY SIX MONTHS AFTER its founding, the Public Agenda undisputedly won Press Union of Liberia’s (PUL) prestigious Award 2006/2007 declaring the Paper as Liberia’s N0. 1.
BUT OUR CRITICAL ROLE on the media landscape aimed at helping to build and strengthen Liberia’s democracy and radically fight corruption in the public sphere did not get soft landing in officialdom.
THE PAPER WAS CONFRONTED with what could best be described as insurmountable challenges with threats and intimidation of strangulation but the management of the paper had to struggle to keep it on the newsstand with its meager resources.
AS A RESULT, THE PUBLIC AGENDA became a target of extreme economic strangulation by some key policymakers of the former regime despite efforts to encourage the former regime to pay our debts after advertising in our paper for nearly three years.
THE ONLY CRIME PERHAPS we committed was our adamant refusal to submit to the then prevailing caprices of corruption which permeated the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration which has finally landed Liberia into the abyss of precarious economic predicament now.
AS WE GRADUALLY SURMOUNT the challenges that kept us way for long, our strategies would be different and our approaches would be conducted with care.
WE HAVE RETURNED ON the newsstand with rehabilitated vigor and to continue where we stopped but with caution so as to survive further future threats and intimidation without compromising our credibility and integrity.
WE ARE RETURNING TO remain active and progressive as we join forces with other likeminded entities, groups and individuals to rebuild Liberia together and strengthen democratic governances in the country.
WE WILL ESCHEW GROUPS and individuals who might seek alliance with us to abuse freedom of speech and of the press. We will not work with you.
WE WILL PROMOTE OR highlight gains our country and the government will make; we will also expose the failures of the Administration with the hope that the government will take people-centered decisions in an effort to demonstrate the true meaning of the pro-poor agenda.
FINALLY, WE ARE PASSIONATELY urging the Liberian leader, President George Manah Weah to make real his recent promise through the Minister of Finance & Development Planning to settle government’s financial obligations with media entities, including the Public Agenda Newspaper.
WE APPEAL THAT YOUR administration would make the ground soft for media practitioners/ entities, particularly to open the space for advertisements and subsequent settlement of financial obligations.

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