Supreme Court Closes October Term To Reconvene 2nd Monday In March

After six months of work without break, the Supreme Court of Liberia on Monday finally closed its October 2019 Term to re-open the second Monday in March 2020.
The Supreme Court opens two times in the year – March and October.It has the Constitutional mandate to hear all appeals from the courts of records and those not of records, including administrative and autonomous agencies, among others, as enshrined in Article 66 of the Liberian Constitution (1986).
Speaking at the close of the October 2019 term on Monday, Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor lauded the support of staffs, lawyers, judges, magistrates, and clerks for their tremendous work during the term.
The Chief Justice also informed all and sundry that the court has not shut its doors to the public, but will continues to be opened to the public until the formal reopening of the March Term.
Concluding, Chief Justice Korkpor mandated the clerk of the Supreme Court to inform the President and Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate about the Supreme Court’s closure which is in keeping with law.
Meanwhile the Chief Justice Korkpor has announced Justice Jameseatta Wollokollie as the Justice-in-Chamber.

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