U.S. Gov’t Gifts Tents To Liberian Army On Heels Of Anniversary

The U.S. Embassy near Monrovia has presented a good number of military tents to the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) through Commander-in-Chief, President George Weah, on his visit Monday to the Edward Binyan Kesseley barracks in lower Margibi County.The donation is said to be in the spirit of the continued bilateral ties between Liberia and the United States of America as the U.S. continues to play a significant role in the development the ‘new’ AFL, even in the post-Security Sector Reform (SSR) era.
A Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army, who turned the tents over, said that the United States was always proud of the historic relationship with Liberia, and would continue to assist the AFL reach new heights. This was a way of identifying with the Liberian army during the week of commemorating its 63rd anniversary dubbed “Armed Forces Day” on every February 11, he indicated.
Additionally, the U.S. officer described as “incredible” the partnership with AFL, adding: “The progress AFL has made through the years is phenomenal. We’re engaged on an incredible basis here. We’re engaged with international military education and training by sending dozens of students back in the United States on the year-on-year basis through educational opportunities to go shoulder-to-shoulder with AFL personnel.”
On his part, President Weah lauded the U.S. government through its Embassy and said Liberia was grateful for the unflinching support.
Among other activities, soldiers are expected to erect the tents in communities whenever there are outdoors operations or conducting civic duties of significance to locals and the ecosystem.
Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Defense said the “New AFL” has taken a popular approach of engaging in community-driven initiatives as a “Force for Good.”
Olandrus Dickson noted that few days ago the General Prince C. Johnson, AFL Chief of Staff [himself] was in Cadwell, a suburb of Monrovia, carrying out a clean-up exercise.
“The Ministry of Defense could have sat and just cleaned the BTC barracks area, but the civic-military initiatives are intentional and important to what we do to give back to communities. That’s part of our programs,” Dickson pointed out

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