Local Health Organization Underscores Provision Of Free Health Services In Rural Communities

Mohammed Sanoe

The founder of the Healthcare on Wheels organization Mohammed Sanoe has disclosed the intention by his organization to provide free healthcare services to less fortunate Liberians outside Monrovia.
Speaking to the Liberia News Agency via mobile phone, Sanoe indicated that the move by his organization is intended to give back to Liberia through humanitarian means.He further added that his organization provide free health services in rural communities as well as Training in CPR and First aids for Bike riders.
“We carried out our first medical outreach in Kankan’s town Johnsonville, were we provide laboratory diagnosis, treatments and public health awareness to close to 300 residents” Sanoe noted.
He added that his organization in a not distance future will also provide CPR and first aid training for bike riders in Duport Road and AB Tolbert Road communities as well as handing out free first aid kits.
The intervention of the Healthcare on Wheels organization comes in the wake of challenges faced by the health system in Liberia.
The humanitarian support of the organization can help bring relief to many Liberians in the rural parts of Liberia which will prove beneficiary to the citizenry.

The Healthcare on Wheels is currently based in Minnesota, USA whose primary mission is toin provide residents of rural communities access to quality health services in Liberia

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