‘Gov;t Will Build Modern Markets Structure”

-Says Mayor Jefferson Koijee
Following the demolition of market structure down Waterside Commercial Center by City government over the weekend, as part of effort in making the city clean in midst of Coronavirus outbreak in the country, Mayor Jefferson Koijee has disclosed that the government of Liberia will build a modern markets in different location
He said the destruction of the market structure was necessary to give a complete facelift and modernize the market for a better selling atmosphere, emphasizing that they are going to provide them with a modern markets in their drive to provide better services to the people.Mayor Koijee however reaffirms his commitment to protecting residents of the city and the country at large. “One thing I will not do at this point is to compromise your safety, despite all the tough measures that have been taken by both the government, through MOH, NPHIL and the City Police”, says Mayor Koijee.
Speaking Monday March 30, 2020, at a press conference with officials of the MCC Taskforce, Mayor Koijee said he’s fully aware of adversity these measures are imposing, but they are intended to keep Monrovia residents safe.
Meanwhile “I’m given the mantle of authority to steer the affairs of this city, it’s therefore my responsibility to making sure the people of Monrovia, and its surrounding are free from harms, and anything that will want to hinder their growth, like the case of this virus that is spreading across the world.”
He notes that critics of the government are using the situation to score points, adding that those complaining that their businesses and market places are being shut down are people who want to endanger their own lives.
The Government of Liberia (GOL’s) enforcement of Coronavirus measures at the Waterside General Market in Monrovia on Monday, March 30, demolishing stalls left the densely populated commercial district virtually a ghost town, as aggrieved and frustrated marketers vehemently protest the move by state security.
Mayor Koijee continues that reason why city police are shutting down businesses in waterside and other areas is part of measures to give the city a decent facelift as well as enforce social distancing among citizens.
According him, no matter how difficult these actions might be, they should not mix politics with the seriousness of the COVID-19, saying, “All of our recent actions especially, from the angle of the MCC taskforce are to ensure the safety of the people of this country, and no one should think they can divert our attention by criticizing us.”
For her part, Liberia’s Culture Ambassador Julie Endee, who is jointly in the awareness campaign with the Mayor, calls on citizens to continue the safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus.
In a related development, the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah has instructed the Minister of Internal Affairs, Varney Sirleaf to work along with relevant stakeholders in the reconstruction of the market stalls that were destroyed by officers of the Monrovia City Police.

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