AFELL Joins COVID-19 Fight

Atty. Vivian Neal

-Rallies Clients,Othes To Adhere To Health Protocols
The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) has joined the fight against the coronavirus currently ravaging the country.In a statement issued Tuesday April 7, 2020, the President of AFELL, Atty. Vivian Neal said AFELL was joining the National Campaign to create awareness for her many clients, women and children of Liberia as well as Liberians that the coronavirus is real and it’s in Liberia.
The AFELL boss said her organization is appealing to everyone to take seriously the disease because it is deadly and anyone can get infected.
” However, the good news is that we can fight coronavirus together by preventing ourselves from getting it,” a release quotes Atty. Neal.
Meanwhile, AFELL wants everyone to follow the protocols by washing their hands with soap and clean water very well for at least 20 seconds, sanitizers that contain alcohol.
Others include avoiding toughing eyes, nose, mouth, crowded places that include parties, wedding and funeral among others.
The release further said “If you should go out please keep a distance between yourself and the next person. If you don’t have any important reason to go out please stay at home. To parents, please watch out for your children so they don’t get infected as well. Keep them indoors.”
“Mothers who must go to the markets to sell or purchase food on a daily basis, please leave the children home with trusted persons since the markets are overcrowded,” the release added.
The organization also reminded Liberians to know some of the symptoms of the virus; which include fever, persistent coughing or dry cough, sore throat, difficult in breathing or shortness of breath among others.
AFELL meanwhile calls on all to cooperate with government by adhering to health protocols to avoid the spread of the virus.
“Report every suspected case and cooperate with the contact tracers from the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Institute of Liberia. Together we can all fight this disease,” AFELL added.

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