MCC To Distribute 1.2 Million Locally Made Face Mask

-Disinfects Major Streets And Market Places In Monrovia
The City government of Monrovia under the leadership of the Lord Mayor, Jefferson Tamba Koijee will in the coming weeks begin the production and distribution of locally made face-mask to inhabitants of the City of Monrovia.
The endeavor is part of the City government’s contribution to the government of Liberia campaign to minimize the spread of the deadly Coronavirus across the country.According to Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee , the City government will produce and distribute about 1.2 million face-mask made from local fabrics for the population in Monrovia and environs.
“We are concluding discussions with the Liberia National Tailors Union for the production of locally made face-mask in order to safeguard our people from contracting the virus” Mayor Koijee lamented.
He wants residents of Monrovia to begin to wear locally made masks in the public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain especially in areas of significant community based- transmission.
Recently health authorities, cautioned the population to use locally made face-masks and allow health practitioners use the surgical masks as a means of preventing scarcity as Liberia Covid-19 cases rises gradually.
Mayor Koijee has been leading a team of private sector partners into communities to create awareness on the coronavirus, disinfect and clean markets in Monrovia and surroundings.
The City government is working with the Liberia Waste Management Association to fumigate and raid markets of dirt as the State of emergency rages on for the second week.
“It is time for all of us to come together, be it ruling establishment, opposition and Private sector for the sake of Liberia and prevent this monster disease called Coronavirus” Mayor Koijee told the partners on over the weekend.

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