LIBTELCO Gets Authorization

Amid clashes between the Liberian Government through its regulatory body, the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) and private mobile phone operators, a new mobile service provider has been given authorization to provide mobile communication services in Liberia.
The Liberia Telecommunication Corporation (LIBTELCO) has been given authority to ease communication burden the people are being subjected to.

LIBTELCO, a state owned, has supercharged fast speed fiber optics technology, but its financial capabilities are yet to be ascertained to compete and deliver effective mobile phone services.
Competition amongst GSM providers forced C0MIUN and Liber Cell to shut down due to inadequate funding and increasing imposition of taxes and fees by government.
As a result of the situation, two GSM Operators, Orange Liberia and Lonestar MTN were the only two service providers that were determining the faith of the Liberian people until LIBTELCO appeared.

But from all indications, the tide is turning now, and history is in the making as the Board of Commissioners of Mobile Network Operators has granted LIBTELCO license to offer mobile phone services in the country not only to compete but to provide quality and affordable services.

Recently, Lonestar MTN and Orange Liberia came down hard on their subscribers by reducing their services, a situation that prompted uproar across the country until President George Manneh made some intervention to salvage the masses from the economic burden imposed by the GSM operators.

Meanwhile, after intense negotiations, the LTA and the two GSM companies rolled back the surcharges which saw drastic cuts in voice call time and data bundles.
LTA described the drastic cuts as “illegal and arbitrary” and said, it was taken aback, despite repeated announcements about the surcharges on voice and data bundles.
However, the two GSM Companies has begun to pack back what was taken from subscribers.

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