Reforming Gov’t’s Information Arm

Min. Rennie Discloses

Liberia’s new Information Minister, Ledgerhood Julius Rennie has promised to effect a major reform in the dissemination of government’s information.

According to Min. Rennie, there would be a coordinated approach in the manner information emanating from Government would be channeled.

 Addressing reporters Thursday in Monrovia during a turn-over ceremony at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism to take over from his predecessor, Min. Rennie pledged he will ensure information emanating from the government to the public is well coordinated to ensure there is credibility and clarity.Rennie is a former Director-General of the Liberia Broadcasting System. 

He announced that his readiness to build upon the gains made by former Minister, Lenn Eugene Nagbe, adding it will be his obligation to disseminate government’s policies with clarity and distinction. 

Min. Rennie called on Liberians at home and abroad to serve as true patriots and ambassadors, projecting the positive image of the country, noting that his new assignment is tool to sell the country to the international community positively.

According to Minister, he is prepared to work along with public relation officers at various government ministries, agencies and bureaus, including presidential press team to develop a coordinated information dissemination regime.  

Commenting on the country’s tourism industry, a department that falls directly under his ministry’s supervision, the MICAT boss reiterated the fact that the nation has a unique and rich tourism heritage, revealing he will unveil to the outside world the country’s rich tourism attraction.

He cited the long stretch of beaches from Cape Palmas to Cape Mount, adding that these wonders of nature are very rich tourism attraction that must be projected to the world.

Min. Rennie praised outgoing Information Minister, Nagbe for what he described as tremendous work done in lifting the ministry to its present status, promising to build upon the gains made and wished him well at the Liberian Maritime Authority.

Min. Rennie is former correspondent of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and LBS Director General; he wants all Liberians to form part of the process of nation building, reconciliation and sustaining the peace of the nation.

He assured Liberians of his determination to building bridges that will directly link the people to their government.

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