Rep. Fallah Clarifies

Rejects Critics’ Claim

Montserrado County‘s charismatic senatorial contender, Representative Thomas P. Fallah  of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has provided enlightenment to critics, perhaps in an effort to suppress salvo of unverified allegation against him.

It is reported that Rep. Fallah is one of the most successful lawmakers, not only in Montserrado County but across the country as compared to many of his legislative peers.

As he is often referred to by colleagues as legislative doyen, Rep. Fallah was elected in 2005 on the ticket of the main Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), which later formed a tripartite Coalition with two other parties prior to the 2017 legislative and presidential elections.

Rep. Fallah retained  the eat three times in Montserrado County Electoral District #5 and based upon his achievements, his party has chosen him to ascend to the Liberian Senate following the end of the December 8, 2020 midterm senatorial polls.

Since his endorsement by his party and other constituents, the lawmaker has been a target of stern criticism characterized by unsubstantiated allegations of various genera. 

  But as if undeterred by critics’ attempt to distract him, Rep. Fallah made a move to provide explanation and disabuse the minds of other unsuspecting Liberians, who perhaps, might have been victims of falsehood and misinformation. 

In an attempt to present a clearer picture of his achievements and how he accumulated his wealth both in the legislature and his District, Rep. Fallah said, he used his  hard earned  resources  to construct a primary and  secondary school as well as the modern Thomas Fallah  University Monrovia.

Rep. Fallah’s latest clarification was in response to rumors that he used   government’s resources or his influence as a lawmaker to construct those facilities.   

He however, warned those who continue to allow themselves to be used by some politicians or groups to spread such negative propaganda or unbalanced information to desist, adding it is not in the best interest of the country, “because it has the propensity to cause disagreement among people in the country.”

Speaking over the weekend  at  a  forum called  “Unity Based  intellectual Forum” on Carey Street in Central Monrovia, Rep. Fallah  told the well-attended gathering  that  those who are accusing him of using government’s  money to construct those education facilities  should  provide evidence  to  substantial  their claims.

 “Since my birth, I have never gone to court, prison center or police station for financial misappropriation or being involved in any criminal activity.  This is while I always do all within my power to labor to get anything that I want for myself.”      

He wondered why would anyone thinks that he used his influence as a lawmaker to unduly benefit and use government’s  resources  to acquire personal properties, including the schools he built in the district. 

“What is the crime for me to construct my personal   primary, secondary and the Thomas Fallah University which is named after me,” Rep. Fallahasked?

Meanwhile, the Montserrado County Senatorial contender declared that it was in the best interest of the country if his distractors emulate his examples to development the country. 

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