Witchcraft Activities Overawed Nimba County

Traditional Chief Alarms

Since the Liberian Government banned the use of traditional method to detect, expose, prevent and radically handle witchcraft activities, the practice is said to be uncontrollable across the country.

However, it appears the gravity of the practice has reached an alarming proportion prompting a traditional chief to break silence by making a clarion call to lawmakers to take action by legislations to suppress the upsurge of witchcraft activities in the county.

Chairman of Chiefs and Elders Council of Nimba County, Peter Barlonis requesting members of the County’s Legislative Caucus to submit a bill to control suchtraditional practice in Liberia as he descried the actions of “witchcraft” activities in the county as barbaric.

According to an online SMART NEWS LIBERIA, Chief Barlon is quoted as saying that the act has become rampant to the extent that people who perpetrate it would openly confess their actions, but nothing is done to punish them.

Witchcraft, which is also referred to as “African science”, is an act reportedly performed by individuals in the dark world, which has no modern scientific explanation.  This practice, according to Chief Barton, has over the years caused a setback to development in the county and Liberia in general.

“Sometimes you will hear a person confessing that they are the cause of the road not being constructed; they are the ones who caused the death of a person, but those people have not been punished by any law,” he said.

Smart News correspondent quoted the local chief as saying,“Liberia needs a law that will put those kinds of people into place.”

Chief Barlon is recommending that when people confess and face the law, it will help to put stop to the act of witchcraft activities in Nimba.

The Chief is appealing to members of the legislative caucus to sponsor a bill to address the practice upon their return from annual recess in January of 2021.

He vowed to vigorously lobby with his friends and those who believe in his ability to ensure that the issue of witchcraft activities in the Liberian society, including Nimba County is properly regulated through a law.

The Nimba County chief pointed out that having a law to regulate witchcraft activities in Liberia through court hearing, will be the best approach, rather than resulting in using “Sassywood.”

Although Sassywood was banned in Liberia years ago, it is however still being practiced in some parts of Liberia to detect witches or wizards.

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