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Kemayah’s Faith In Limbo

Confirmation On Hold

It is not clear what would ultimately be the verdict of the Liberian Senate against Foreign Minister-designate, Dee Maxwell Kemayah who is being confronted with offensive sexual harassment allegation by a female staffer from his recent assignment at the United Nations.

Ambassador Kemayah is struggling to defend his character following the sexual harassment allegation by Whynee Cummings Wilson who is a staff at the Liberian UN office, where the Foreign Minister-designate is serving as Liberia’s permanent Representative.

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Cummings Threatens NEC

Warns Against Fraudulent Results

Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader, Alexander B. Cummings who also chairs the collaboration of four opposition political parties under the banner (CPP) has threatened the National Election Commission (NEC) that ANC and CPP would not accept any election result that will not be freed, fair and transparent.

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Looming Cloud Of Insurgence

“Our country has gone through a lot. A big chunk of the population is still licking their wounds and do not want to go through the same emotion again. We as security actors will not sit idly by for our national security to be threatened and allow our country to go down the drain once more. Therefore, we will act decisively and accordingly, irrespective of your positions and affiliations.”

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