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Pres. Weah’s Laudable Olive Branch

PRESIDENT GEORGE MANNEH Weah will be remembered in the anal of Liberian history as one of the few or the only Liberian President to extend an olive branch of friendship to opposition parties and the press to criticize the weaknesses of his administration.
THIS IS INDEED A laudable and magnanimous gesture, as the President is demonstrating to the Liberian people that, it is you who gave me the mandate to rule through your votes on October 19, 2017 and through the presidential run-off on December 26, 2017 and so I count on you, the people of Liberia to efficiently rule by voicing out the weaknesses and shortcomings of my regime. Read more

Indians Are Liberia’s Friends Indeed

THE INDIAN COMMUNITY will go down in history as one of Liberia’s trusted partners and friends indeed, when it comes to extending hands of friendship to the government and people of Liberians as a reciprocal gesture for operating business ventures in Liberia. Like the Lebanese, Indian business entrepreneurs can be found in many parts of this Country providing imported wholesale and retail materials to meet the needs of Liberians very often at affordable prices. Read more

Liberia Needs Long-Term Economic Plan

THE MAJOR FOCUS of sideline debate around the country and at the National Legislature this week has been questions being raised over the status of the Liberian economy. Many Liberians are worried over the future of the Liberian economy, bearing in mind that the country is so rich in natural resources that there is no excuse for Liberia to remain a begging nation for loan hand-outs. Read more

Reasons To Celebrate!

LIBERIA’S PRESIDENT, GEORGE MANNEH Weah is trying to avoid the common culture of empty political promises in Liberia in an effort to make the masses happy during his tenure.
DURING HIS INAUGURATION ON the 22nd of January 2018 at the Samuel Kanyan Doe Complex, Pres. Weah before a record crowd promised that policies of his administration would be pro-poor. Read more

We Salute You, Mr. President-elect

ON DECEMBER 29, 2017, you were declared winner of the December 26, 2017 runoff presidential poll by the National Elections Commission (NEC) and followed a certification ceremony to validate your victory.
YOUR ELECTION WAS NOT only historic, but it truly reflected the voices of the masses of the Liberian people who for too long suffered the woes of bad governance under bad leadership; who were denied to be heard in the last two post-war successive elections. Read more