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Thanks Mr. President, For Powerful Decision

WHAT OFTEN RE-ECHOES in the minds of Liberians is President George Manneh Weah’s inauguration remark that he may not be good in making speeches but he will be making some of the best of decisions as President of Liberia.
THE DECISION MADE by President Weah to address the nation on the ongoing depreciation of the value of the Liberian dollar against the U.S dollar in the banking system and on the parallel market is long overdue. It came when many Liberians were almost tired of asking about when will President Weah speak on the exchange rate crisis that is in the Country? Read more

Mayor Koijee Serious On The Clean Monrovia City Focus

INITIALLY IT APPEARED AS A JOKE, when President George Manneh Weah and wife Madam Clar Marie Weah as well as the Monrovia city mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee launched the Weah for Clean City initiative on the first Saturday of February, 2018 barely few days after his inauguration as President of Liberia.
TODAY THE RESPONSE OF RESIDENTS is very overwhelming, to the extent that Mayor Koijee is even providing a vacation job opportunity by encouraging residents to register in a voluntary Weah for Clean city Presidential Task force’. The Task Force is recruiting volunteers to clean the city ahead of the July 26 Independence Day celebrations for a stipend of US$50. Read more

Why Corruption Persists in Liberia?

CORRUPTION IN LIBERIA remains hard to track down. It still persist as even ex-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf admitted. This is why some Liberians sometimes ask themselves the question, what really is responsible for endemic corruption in Liberia, and what can be done to minimize it.
IT CAN BE RECALLED THAT in her first inaugural address, Ex-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf told Liberians that “corruption is public enemy number one, and that ‘we will confront it, we will fight it.” Unfortunately prior to leaving office she said corruption in Liberia is like a vampire. Read more

Stop Undermining Government’s Efforts

ONE OF THE HEINOUS crimes that some misguided Liberians residing overseas especially in the United States of America continue to commit against their own country, is although not limited to, launching propaganda against Government’s development initiatives.
THE LAST TIME that this phenomenon became more pronounced was in the early 1980s following the overthrow of President William R. Tolbert’s True Whig Party (TWP) administration
AFTER THAT CHANGE OF government the next thing that opponents of the Regime were set to do was to wage a propaganda campaign against the government of President Samuel Kanyon Doe designed to strangulate the new regime from getting any economic assistance from American government. Read more

Gov’t Reducing Tariffs is Essential

PRESIDENT GEORGE MANNEH Weah has mandated the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) to reduce the high tariffs imposed on certain basic commodities imported into the country. This, indeed, is a laudable gesture.
IT SHOWS THAT PRESIDENT Weah is truly a man of his words and a man that did not come to betray the confidence reposed in him by the Liberian people when they massively voted for him on the ticket of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) party in the country’s monumental General and presidential elections that took place on October 10, 2017 and in the December 7, 2017 presidential Rub-off election. Read more

X-Ray on Liberia’s Education System

THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION, Prof. D. Ansu Sonii did not mince his words when he said at the Ministry of Information Press briefing last Thursday that President George Manneh Weah has expressed significant interest in seeing that every Liberian child begin to learn skills to prepare them for the job market when they leave school.
ACCORDING TO PROF. SONII, he has been motivated to begin a nationwide assessment of the status of the country’s education system in every county, adding that his action was motivated by comments made sometimes ago by ex-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf while in office that the country’s educational system is the country’s is in a mess. Read more

Settling Land Disputes

RECENTLY THE WORLD BANK gave a grant of USD$5 Million to the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) to be used to ensure the transparent administration of land in Liberia, for which the LLA wasted no time in launching the Liberia Land Administration Project (LLAP).
OVER THE YEARS, THERE had been lots of complaints over the way land is acquired and disposed of in Liberia as many people thought there is no transparency when it comes to land issues in Liberia. There is always the issue of one individual land seller selling pieces of land either by lots or acres to more than one buyers thus creating conflicts. Read more

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