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Merck Foundation Joins With First Ladies Of Africa To Raise Awareness About Coronavirus

Dr. Rasha Kelej CEO of Merck Foundation

As the Coronavirus spread around the world, Merck Foundation joins hands with First Ladies of Africa to raise awareness about Coronavirus and how to stay safe and healthy.
According to the release, Merck Foundation joined with African First Ladies of Ghana, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC ), Malawi, Namibia, Niger, Guinea Conakry, Burundi, Central African Republic (C.A.R.), Chad, Zimbabwe, Zambia, The Gambia, Liberia and Congo Brazzaville, announced the call for applications for their ‘Stay at Home” Media Recognition Awards for African countries. The theme of the awards is ‘Ra is ing Awareness on how to Stay Safe and keep Physically and Mentally Healthy during Coronavirus Lockdown’. Please see  below attached detail of the release. 

Stay at Home Media Recognition Awards

Championing The Fight Against Infertility Stigmatization

– The Melody Voice Of Pres. Weah
By Hawa Dolley
Many infertile women and men in Africa are gradually coming to the realization that infertility is a share problem of both male and female, unlike in the past where most of the burden were purely ascribed to women.
Today, several males including prominent leaders in Africa are championing the cause to raise awareness on infertility, breaking the stigma as well as taking on initiatives to support and encourage the works of charity organizations such as the Merck Foundation which continued to endeavor to put smile on the faces of several victims or people struggling with infertility. Read more

Normal Fishing At Standstill In Cape Mount Over New License Fees

Normal fishing activities have come to a temporary halt in Grand Cape Mount County following a row over increase in fishing license fees.
There has been disagreement between fishermen and the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) over the increase of fishing license fees, resulting to a halt in normal fishing activities for the past three weeks in the county. Read more

Local Health Organization Underscores Provision Of Free Health Services In Rural Communities

Mohammed Sanoe

The founder of the Healthcare on Wheels organization Mohammed Sanoe has disclosed the intention by his organization to provide free healthcare services to less fortunate Liberians outside Monrovia.
Speaking to the Liberia News Agency via mobile phone, Sanoe indicated that the move by his organization is intended to give back to Liberia through humanitarian means. Read more

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