Liberian Orphan Advocate Wins International Orphan Award

Amos Sawboh

By Ibrahim A. Sherif
The Executive Director of Orphans Concern Liberia (Orcon-Lib) Amos Sawboh has been awarded the ‘Hero of Humanity’ award by the lead orphan organization in the world (Star Foundation).
The Star Foundation organization is the lead organization that is involved with advocacies concerning the welfare, capacity and empowerment of orphans around the globe. Read more

Koijee Highlights One Year Achievement

Major Jefferson Tamba Koijee

Monrovia City Major Jefferson Tamba Koijee over the weekend unveiled his achievement as City Major of Monrovia.
During the year under review “we Increased reforms in Public Financial Management by expanding the Revenue Section for the establishment of the Revenue Department for increased revenue generation through improved service delivery” Koijee noted. Read more

As Gol Launches Operations “Rescue Alive Or Recover Dead”,

-Securities Take Siege Of Gbanipea’s Illegal Gold Mines, Arrest 65, Relocate Residents
As the Government of Liberia intensifies efforts to rescue the several persons unaccounted for in the Goldmines Collapse in the northern Liberia county of Nimba by moving the Incident Command Post set up by the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) in the town of Gbanipea to the scene of the disaster which is 45 minutes’ walk away from Gbanipea, sixty-five (65) illegal gold miners have been arrested by officers of the Liberia National Police. Read more


-With The Acquisition Of 700MHz, 800MHz and 2100MHz Frequencies
JamCell, the new Liberian Telecommunications operator makes its commitment to Liberia’s digital development entering into an agreement with the Liberia Telecommunication Authority for a 20MHz block in 2100MHz (Band 1), a 10MHz block in 800MHz (Band 20), and a 10MHz block in 700MHz (Band 28) which will be used to roll out 4G/5G cellular network. Read more

President Weah Vows To Deliver Keys To Beneficiaries In March

Mr. During, Deputy Officer – In- Charge / NHA speaks to a cross-section of those to benefit from the 54 duplexes on Thursday in VOA.

-NHA At Verge Of Completing 54 Duplexes For West Point Erosion Victims
The Government of Liberia, through the National Housing Authority (NHA) is in the last phase of completing 54 duplexes (108 housing units) for 65 family heads at their VOA residential area in Brewerville, outside Monrovia.
According to a press release issued on February 14, after a tour by Deputy-Officer-in-Charge, C. Raphael During, he said the completion of the 54 duplexes is President George Manneh Weah’s way of easing the affected families, whose residencies were swallowed by erosion in the Township of West Point. Read more

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